About Zen

Zen Productions is a full service video production company serving the ever growing demand for videos across the business, industrial, commercial sectors. Based in Dubai and Malaysia, it specializes in creating Malaysian content for the Middle Eastern market vice versa to encourage trade and tourism between the two regions.

Past portfolio includes Zen Productions the 2nd season of FoodAddict – “The journey of great Taste & good health”. FoodAddict is the first TV show in the Middle East, promoting Malaysian cuisine in the region. Aired on Zee TV Middle East, the prime motive of FoodAddict is to explore Malaysia, home to a distinctive palette and a tapestry of flavours and a country that offers families and other travellers with a plethora of interesting offerings. In addition, House of Zen is Zen Productions’ creation. It is a lifestyle content brand in showcasing the finest art, jewellery and fashion of Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. The programme was launched in March 2017 with the presence of YABhg. Tun Rahah as Guest of Honour, Bollywood Actor, Rohit Roy, Top Malaysian Entrepreneurs, Socialites and Dignitaries.

With two successful events, TV host and founder Ms Zenofar Fathima decided to take a leap of faith and brought Malaysia closer to Dubai by hosting her TV programme and an exhibition at the Shangri La Hotel in Dubai promoting young and upcoming Malaysian entrepreneurs in food and lifestyle industries interested to tap into the global market in particularly Dubai and UAE.

Public Awareness Campaigns in Social Medias

Today, Zen Productions is on a new mission and venture. With the importance of social media/network and the fact that new digital is the way to go to stay connected to audiences all around the globe, the company has created “Pick of the Week” a series of short TV videos shown on instagram / FB and youtube channels featuring Malaysian cuisines found in Dubai, also assisting in creating further awareness by promoting Malaysian business owners. Using Ms Zenofar Fathima’s publicity, she is able to suggest what is good to eat and which recommended restaurants to go to.

Finally, to add to her extensive portfolios, Zen Productions has also created their first short feature documentary films called “Inertia” and several continuation series being park under the Enigma series. These short films are part of a public awareness campaign in social media.

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