Zenofer ‘Zen’ Fathima is a former television presenter in the first English channel in Dubai. She has spent over 18 years in the UAE broadcast industry before moving to Malaysia to develop a new career path.

Perpetually looking for new endeavors, Zen came up with the idea of producing Food Addict, a TV show catering to the 25 million multicultural tourist arrivals in Malaysia every year. Zen, who spent most of her teenage years in Dubai, recognizes the affinity of UAE residents for Malaysia and wanted to make it easy for them to enjoy Malaysia’s diverse cuisine when they come to the country for a visit.

Produced single-handedly by Zen, the first season airing of Food Addict in Zee TV Middle East was an astounding success. The show received many accolades, including from the Malaysian Embassy in the UAE, which also extended support to Zen’s second production venture, House of Zen, from the Malaysian Embassy which has resulted in them supporting her second production venture – House of Zen,the very first Malaysian TV show focusing on all things lifestyle, food, fashion and jewelry.

Post the success of Food Addict’s first-season run, Zen is soon to return with new episodes for more adventures and tips on how people from the Middle East can fully enjoy their stay in Malaysia.

Zen has avidly followed tv production trends, which helped her polish her remarkable skills in film production. She has a number of independent film features under her belt, all of them espousing important social messages.